rides and Attractions

Wonderland Junior has family friendly rides available all year round!

Ride line up subject to change. See below for more information.

Interested in hiring? Make your next event the talk of the town with our amazing rides and attractions!



Get ready to experience a real thrill!

This weekend only (June 15th and 16th) Wonderland Junior will have the Bungy Trampoline!

Get ready to jump up to 5 METERS in the air!

The Bungy Trampoline is only 3 TOKENS per person OR with every wristband purchase this weekend you will receive one free turn!

The rider must be under 85kg and aged between 3-17 years.


The Rockin' Tug

Ahoy there Mateys, all aboard The Rockin' Tug. This is the family fun ride where you sail the seven seas and feel the fun of the waves as they rock you back and forth. Wheeeee a favourite for little wonders, Mums, Dads and the whole family!

Height Restriction: Must be a minimum of 105cm to ride alone. Children between 80cm to 105cm in height are required to be accompanied by an adult, free of charge.

Suitable for: Little wonders of all ages, you must be accompanied by an adult if required.

Tokens Required: 2 per person.

The Tea Cups

Step inside the giant colourful cups and hold on tight as you spin around and around!  Wheeeee!!

Height Restriction: An adult rides free of charge when accompanying children under 3 years. 

Suitable for: Wonderland junior riders of all ages can enjoy this classic theme park ride.

Tokens Required: 2 per person.


Jurassic Adventure Inflatable

The Jurassic Inflatable is a walk into the wild world of Dinosaurs! Roar! Climb up the rock wall and slide down the slides, bounce around the giant teeth with Dinosaurs everywhere you turn.

Restrictions: Minimum height is 100cm and maximum height is 160cm. Child must be 4 years old minimum.

Suitable for: 4 years and over, little wonders that love to bounce, slide and jump. 

Tokens Required:  2 per person.



Wonderland’s vintage Carousel is for little wonders. Enjoy your child’s face as the horses rise up and down a golden favourite full of nostalgia. Do you remember your first carousel ride? Pure magic!

Height Restriction: An adult rides free of charge when accompanying children under 3 years. 

Suitable for: Junior riders.

Tokens Required: 2 per person.


Wonderland Junior Raceway -
Dodgem Cars

Drive your way around our full size Dodgem Car track. Do your best to avoid the other cars! All cars go in an anti-clockwise direction and head on deliberate bumping is not allowed as most of our drivers are having their first driving experience.

Height Restriction: You must be a minimum of 125cm to drive yourself and you must be over 3 years and over 80cm to ride as a passenger. 

Suitable for: 3 years and over. 

Tokens Required: 3 Tokens per car (2 people can ride in one car).


Wonderland Junior Sideshow Alley

Step right up folks and win a prize, your favourite games are ready to be played. Play The Laughing Clowns, Busta Balloon and Hi Striker. See if you can win pick of the stand. Fun for the whole family and prizes to be won! 

Suitable: All ages.

Tokens Required:  Depending on game choice, 1-2 tokens or pay cash for games.

The Circus Train

The Circus Train is completely animal quackers with animal noises and is a colourful fun part of Wonderland Junior!  With steering wheels at every seat, each child can drive this fun train and toot the button, which to everyone’s surprise toots animal noises! Baa Baaa, Moo Moo, Woof Woof and more, with you safely by their side. Jump on board the funniest animal train in town. Can you guess the animal noise?

Height Restriction: An adult rides free of charge when accompanying children under 3 years. 

Suitable for: Junior riders, children and parents alike.

Tokens Required: 2 per person.

Mini Swing Ride

A true fairground classic, sit on suspended seats that spin around! This one is specially designed for the little ones.

Height Restriction: Maximum height is 140cm. Child must be able to sit upright by themselves.

Suitable for: Suitable for 2-8 year olds (within the heights specifications).

Tokens Required: 2 per person.


Funny Mirrors.jpg

Funny Mirrors

Our Funny Mirrors will make you look taller, shorter and wonderfully silly shapes.

Located next to the Dodgem Cars, make sure to visit the Funny Mirrors at Wonderland Junior.